Our goal is to change your visual perception through our upgraded services

Optometry Department

In the Optometry Department we can test your eyes for free through a series of eye tests,by using our state-of-the-art equipment (21-point tests) always having optimum visual results for customers.

Contact Lenses Department

In this department you can be informed about all types of contact lenses as well as about contact lens solutions and how to care for them. We offer free contact lenses application and assistance with using and maintaining them in our specially designed area.

Service Department

This Department is equipped with a vast variety of replacements, by providing gluing, temple or nose pad replacements as well as anything else that needs to be fixed.

Children’s Department

A Unique, fully- fledged area for your unique children! Filled with toys, books and a great variety of spectacle frames and sunglasses as well as the best Essilor children’s contact lenses.