Your children’s good eyesight is definitely an essential requirement for success at school. When the child’s eyesight is lacking, their school performance is affected  too. According to a recent study up to 25% of school aged children have eyesight issues, which affect their learning ability. Our eyes are one of the most sensitive organs in our body which is why we should protect them from the sun, by wearing absorption glasses, sunburn and  impact resistant.  Children must wear sunglasses with greater conscientiousness than adults from the age of 2.


For all these reasons we created a unique space just as unique as your child.With a great variety of sunglass and spectacle frames taking into account the needs and wishes of your child. Just as the Junior and Essilor product line is designed specifically for children and adolescents according to their habits.The new evolved line of contact lenses means thinner, lighter, more durable with protection from UV rays. Combined with advanced coatings they can offer maximum clarity, comfort, protection and usability to the new bespectacled.

Deal with your children as if they were young adults and pay attention to their needs and choices. WELCOME to the world of glasses, the most useful and functional “tool”.